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Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the questions we are asked the

most by people considering our service.

1. How long have you been in business?

Car Consultants was founded in 2014 with one single mission - to provide our clients with a convenient and hassle-free way to buy their new vehicle for the very best possible price. Since then we have had the privileged of assisting thousands of clients with their new car purchase.  


2. Can you really save me money?

We will not only save you money, but more importantly we will save you time. We typically save our clients thousands of dollars off M.S.R.P., days of researching cars,  and additional hours stuck in a dealership finalizing paperwork. Because we have negotiated literally thousands of car deals, we have developed a streamline process that will get you the most aggressive purchase price, interest rate, and trade-in value. 

3. Can I get the same deal you get?

After a lot of time and energy spent researching cars, current incentives, rates, and visiting dealerships, maybe so. However, our service is designed for those that rather spend their off days and weekends NOT stuck at a car dealership all day. If you are one of the millions that would rather have a root canal done, then waste your time in a dealership for hours haggling with salesmen and sales managers over price, then we are waiting to serve you.    


4. Why do Car Consultants charge a fee for it's service?


We offer a comprehensive service that requires us investing a significant amount of time and energy to ensure you get the best overall deal. From the time a clients pays to initiate our service we go to work locating the specified vehicle, negotiate price with multiply dealers, discuss price details with client, coordinate with client's schedule a convenient time for test drive at home or office, final delivery of vehicle, and going over vehicle features.


5. Why should I use your service?


The traditional car buying process is often frustrating and time consuming. This process typically include spending hours online searching for the right deal, and contacting multiple dealers to get details of their offers. After selecting your deal, you now have to find time in your busy schedule (often lunch-breaks, off days, or weekends) to travel across town to the dealership/s for a test drive and potentially spend a few more hours waiting to finalize paperwork - that's if everything goes this smoothly. We want to spare you the headache of this exhaustive process, by bringing the dealership to you. Your car buying experience should be NO HAGGLE, NO HASSLE, JUST HAPPY! 


6. Who am I buying the car from?


You are buying your vehicle from local new car dealers. The purchase agreement will come directly from the selected dealer and will be in your name. You will have full new car manufactures warranty which will be explained to you during initial car presentation, and again during finalizing paperwork. You can get your car serviced at any new car dealer of choice. 

7. How long does it usually take to complete the process?

We tailor the entire purchase process to the client's time frame. We can have your new car in your drive way in a matter of days, or in a couple weeks. We work for you. Just tell us what you want and when you want it. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service - or we will refund your money back.

8. Can you assist clients outside the Atlanta Metro area?


If you are selecting the "Basic Package" we can assist you anywhere in the U.S.. At this time, due to the more hands-on service included with the "VIP Package" we can only service clients within Atlanta Metro area. A consultant can discuss the packages in more detail with you.  


9. I don't have the best of credit, can you still get me a great deal?


Absolutely! We negotiate an aggressive out the door price on every deal, regardless of credit status. When it comes to getting you the best financing, we evaluate the dealership programs, as well as outside finance sources to ensure you get the best finance options.